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Clock Gears


Sintering parts are high-precision components, which are made of metal powders using special processing methods. Sintering is done by pressing the metal powders into a mold under controlled pressure and is then melted under a protective gas. With a minimum of material loss and efficient production steps, high precision parts can be manufactured, which is very qualified for the production of gears and hydraulic parts.

Materials:  Bronze, brass, steel, high-grade and stainless steel according to DIN, ASTM, ISO, BS, JIS, SS, GB.


Weight Range:  5g - 1,5 kg


Dimensions:  Ca. 100 x100 x 50 mm, max. 4.000 mm 2 .


Order Quantity:  Medium and Large series


Surface treatment:  Tumbling, zinc coating, chromium-plating, burnishing, nickel coating.

Goldsmith Studio
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