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A Message From The President

A Message From The President

Overseas Precision Castings (OPCastings) epitomizes excellence in its field, boasting a track record of unparalleled success across diverse business landscapes since our inception in the early 1980s. From serving multinational giants and top US 500 listed corporations to catering to the needs of smaller enterprises, our expertise transcends boundaries.

Since I took over as owner and President back in 2012, we have improved all our systems, and continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our customers, to innovation and to exceptional customer service.

OPCastings has left an indelible mark across many industries ranging from food service, automotive, fitness, mining, waterworks, construction, municipal infrastructure, agricultural, plumbing, and beyond.


With the recent expansion into consumer products spearheaded under my leadership since 2012, we have seamlessly integrated our industrial and commercial prowess into this new funnel of products.


At OPCastings, we thrive on challenges and excel in exceeding expectations. Our streamlined process ensures swift and accurate quotations; a mere drawing, whether flat or 3D, coupled with annual usage, machining specifications, along with part weight, is all we require to kickstart your project. It's that simple.


For those who may have known us in the past, we invite you to rediscover
OPCastings. We are not merely a company; we are a customer-centric, parts-driven organization fueled by the relentless pursuit of excellence. Our mission is clear: To deliver the finest parts from the most reputable sources, tailored specifically to empower our customer, all while supporting their bottom-line.

Experience the OPCastings advantage today. Contact us and gain access to our unparalleled network of world-class suppliers. Let us redefine your expectations of quality and service.

-Franca Rothman

Core Values

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OPCastings makes communication a high priority. We always focus on details. We conduct thorough research and provide accurate quotations. Our manufacturing solutions are tailored to our customers' needs. With over 40 years’ experience, we have built a reputation for the highest standard in customer service.

Furnace Flames


OPCastings understands that although we are living in a U.S. and Canada we are also living in a global economy. Because the game is ever changing, it has never been
more true, more critical and more difficult in understanding these markets. As YOU move forward into the future, our expertise, and relationships are incredibly valuable in mitigating potential risks and uncertainties. This knowledge,
expertise and relationships allows our customers to prosper.

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OPCastings strength lies in its integrity and our loyalty to its customers. Many of of our customers have been a part of our business family for many years and decades. It continues to be our great honor to serve all our customers. They view us as their purchasing arm. OPCastings always strives to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and business objectives.


Franca Rothman





Our History

Our History





  • The first company to sell imported soil pipe to NYC from India.

  • Started importing plumbing parts to NYC supply houses.

  • Started importing part for Commercial Kitchens from India and So. Korea.

  • Imported from India, Portugal, Taiwan, and So Korea

  • Relocated to Southern California. 

  • Opened a warehouse, machine shop and offices to supply parts in the US and around the world.

  • Added Mining industry and Oil and Gas to the industries we serviced. Opened Mainland China in 1983 and Mexico.

  • Relocated main office to Florida. 

  • Opened in Turkey.

  • Moved to Colorado and remain there today.

  • Today our focus is in; Mainland China, Malaysia, India, and Mexico.
    We make some consumer items as well, but 95% of our business is commercial and industrial commercial parts.

  • Ms. Rothman left the company and began manufacturing and importing consumer items and began manufacturing medical devices her in the US.

  • Company relocated to Long Beach, CA.

  • The original owner retired, and Ms. Rothman took over the company.

  • Moved the company back to Colorado and merged her consumer products and customers into Overseas Precision Castings, Inc. 

  • Closed all other locations and offices in the US

  • Re-established relationships in India and Mexico

  • Established relationships in Malaysia

  • Rebranding the company from OPC to OPCastings.

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