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Welcome to OPCastings, Inc.









Let us be your one-stop source for custom component parts.


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We are not just a manufacturer; we are a partner in our customer's success.

We source premium produced metal parts by:

  • Providing industry specific expertise.

  • Cost effective solutions. 

  • Proven global manufacturing network. 

  • Top tier logistics team with an exemplary communication system. 


We offer peace of mind with every part and every project.

Our customers include companies of all size; small, medium and larger multinational enterprises.


Better Manufacturing + Better Products + Attention to Details = Better Bottom Line for our Customers


We’re a leading producer of custom OEM metal component parts that combine:

  • Top level engineering expertise.

  • Advanced manufacturing processes for industries in both US and Canada. 

  • Long term relationships. 

  • Extensive network of vendors.

  • OPCastings provides complete solutions for sourcing, transportation and delivery into your warehouse.


We now offer solutions and opportunities for smaller and medium sized organizations, that up until now were only available to the larger OEM customers.



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OPCastings business is all about connecting you with the most capable supply base. We spend the time it takes selecting the right resources and suppliers that are best suited to our customers’ needs. We represent a vast network of foundries, engineers, machine shops, and manufacturing facilities around the globe. 

OPCastings customers benefit from our long-standing relationships and network of design & manufacturing engineers, pattern makers, university consultants, machinist and product development experts.

OPCastings goal is to be our customer’s partner of choice by producing tailored solutions, great workmanship, clear communications, and creating an excellent working relationship. We serve as our customers eyes and ears in the world market. Success happens when we are an integral component of your team.

OPCastings offers exceptional resourcing, competitive pricing, superlative communication and the highest quality finished products. In our world, this is the only way to accomplish your goals.

From Initial Design to Production, OPCastings Has You Covered in Our Simple 5 Step Process:

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1. How Overseas Precision Castings Inc Sources Products for our customers

  • Determine the customer's needs and business criteria.

  • Identify complexities of the part and the project.

  • Identify buying volume levels.

  • Review the actual weight of the part. 

  • Identify the ideal factory based on specific needs.

2. Review all cursory information with our overseas office and/or factory.

  • Submit initial information overseas.

  • Determine if there is a factory in the network that can meet the customer’s needs:

    • Production requirements: pricing, volume, ordering cycle.

    • Quality control criteria.

    • Packaging and shipping requirements.

    •  General business management control needs.

    • All intangibles that have been be identified.

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Car Brake

3. Approve Terms to Manufacture Products

  • Reconfirm pricing, volume and proposed ordering cycle before determining final manufacturer.

  • Review all support documents, samples, and prototypes for final quotation.

  • Finalize the fit the between customer and potential supplier, including a baseline quote, before requesting and shipping samples.

4. Tooling and Samples Submitted for Final Approval

  • Once the customer approves the quote samples will be sent to the factory for final review and confirmation.

  • Customer is only required to pay ½ of the tooling fees upfront. Balance is due upon sample approval.


5. Place Order

  • After samples have been approved, the first production order will be placed and fully monitored from the date the PO is submitted, until goods are delivered to customers yard. Communication always flows in real time.

Ready to Develop Your Product?

Welcome to the OPCastings Network of High Quality Contract Manufacturers

No matter the size or scope of your project, you can count on OPCastings, to exceed your expectations in terms of quality. All our factories are  ISO Certified 9001:2015.  We make quality and ease of communication the primary focus in everything we do. We also implement the most stringent quality control measures to ensure we complete every project to the highest industry standards. 

Who can benefit from our network of foundry's, machine shops, and metal fabrication services? 

The “typical” OPCastings customer is any organization that has a variety of parts requiring fabrication for their finished products. We specialize in small and medium-to-large orders. How do we do this, we do this by matching up each customer with the appropriate manufacturing facility.  There is no one size fits all.  We are our customers partners in procurement; a direct supportive  component to our customers success.

Contact us to learn more today! 

If you would like to learn more about the many ways in which OPCastings can meet all your manufacturing requirements, contact us today. We will also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for any of our services. We look forward to helping you.

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